It sounds quite simple, but a simple smile just might brighten someone's day. You know yourself, one simple heartfelt smile form someone really does say - 'hello, its a pleasure to see you today'

Connect with the right people first
Relationships can energize us and some can rain us. It is worth considering how those already in our lives make us feel - Who encourages you? Who makes you laugh? Who are you able to be yourself with. It may be best to initially surround yourself with the people who lift you up.

Listen to others
If you want to be seen, heard and valued by other, you need to better see, hear and value others yourself. Maintain eye contact and stay present, they just might need that conversation with you too.

Schedule some uplifting activities with friends
Even if its just a walk in the sunshine, sometimes the simple things with your closest buddy is a good start to getting back out in the world again.

Join a Coworking space
Ok, ok, I had to throw this one in here. But seriously, it can make a difference if you have been working at your kitchen table for the past month. The connection with those in your community that you would otherwise walk past on the street can be a meaningful experience. When we can work separately but be connected by place, productivity and motivation does improve.

Keep connecting with your community, you never know what you'll uncover!

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