1. Go for a walk.

I know, I know, its been said multiple times before but it really does help with your physical and mental health. Being out in nature with fresh air and moving your body. Its also a great time to listen to a podcast or music or even chat to friend. There are many different walking options, even if its just walking around the block - you've got to start somewhere!

2. Take the stairs.

I know this one’s obvious but how often do you walk upstairs? Five minutes climbing stairs burns up to 150 calories! We don't have much options here at the Old Beechworth Gaol to get to the second floor but if you need a little activity, try a couple of runs up and down the stairs.

3. Clean (vigorously).

I know its something that none of us really enjoy but if you can get in and clean - think vacuuming / wiping the benches / cleaning windows etc. you will have had a good little work out and clean space. Win Win.

4. Use a basket instead of a shopping trolley.

If you only have a few things to pick up after work, use a basket instead of a trolley. It’s an automatic weightlifting session (and if you’re a shopper like me, where you go in for a couple of things and come out with boot load - it becomes quite the workout!)

5. Park further away.

Build in extra walking by parking further away from you you need to be. With how busy parking spaces can be, you’ll not only get a bit fitter but save a lot of time (and potential accidents) waiting for a closer spot to free up.

6. Play with your pets.

It goes without saying owning a dog automatically means frequent walks and play time (hopefully). If you have a cat, make sure you make some time to play with them as well. Not sure on other pets like fish but hey, I'm sure you'll work something out there...

7. Wander while on the phone.

We can be on the phone for sometimes up to or over an hour so you have quite a big of time to sitting around. Try a vigorous pace or a walk outside or throw on a headset to keep your hands free for a cleaning session.

8. Set an alarm.

If you are constantly sitting at a computer, writing or emailing, when your engrossed in the activity you could be sitting for hours. Set an alarm for every hour, so you remember to get up for a minimum of two minutes for stretching or walking around. Or one of these Break Time Reminder Downloads, programs that pops up on your monitor every half hour or so to remind you to move.

9. Support a good cause.

Sponsor charity walks or runs for causes close to your heart. Dedicate each charity walk/run to someone you care about as your motivation to train before, during, and after.