Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Breakout! We are pleased you have decided to become a part of the Breakout coworking community at The Old Beechworth Gaol. This membership agreement explains all the important information you require before using the coworking office. There are two documents you need to read prior to signing this agreement;

  1. Membership form with membership options
  2. Code of Conduct / Resolution Procedure Please read these documents thoroughly and sign at the bottom of the membership form to agree to all terms and conditions. If you have any questions or need further classification, please do not hesitate to ask prior to signing.  Your membership gives you a license to access the office, this means you have no lease and are therefore not classified as a tenant.

 Your membership fee includes the following services; electricity, Wi-Fi internet access, printing and scanning facilities, basic stationary supplies, exclusive use of an office (with up to 3 staff).

 With many people working within the Breakout space at any one time, we have developed a CODE OF CONDUCT and DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCEDURE (attached to this membership form). Please read through these as well, as part of your membership sign up.

 There are other people working within the Old Beechworth Gaol that are classified as tenants. Please be respectful and do not enter these leased spaces, unless invited. As a member you have access to the Breakout coworking office, kitchenette, bathroom and common areas (café / courtyard etc.), please see map for reference. Kitchen and bathroom facilities within the same building will become available in early 2019.

 This membership can be revoked by Breakout at any time if there is a gross breach of the code of conduct or terms and conditions of the membership. If this is to occur, we will refund any monies paid in advance.

 All membership types share the space and we do ask you to be respectful of everyone while using Breakout. ‘Dedicated desk’ members have specified desks that are exclusive to them which they pay for that right, please make sure these are not used as hot desks.

 Breakout has the right to change the membership fees or terms and conditions of this agreement at any time during your membership. If this is to occur, we will give 30 days written notice.

 If you require a client or friend to meet you in the Breakout office that are not a member, we ask that you be respectful of other members and if this becomes a regular occurrence, we will ask them to become a member of this wonderful community.

 The office is for the benefit of all members, we have set up the room to accommodate everyone. If you have any suggestions for changing the layout / signage etc. please let us know as we are open to any suggestions. We just ask that you do not change things around without our consent, thank you.

 A Direct Debit will be set up for an automatic payment on the 1st of each calendar month, with 1 month in advance. If you join prior to the 1st of the month, this will be calculated at a pro rata amount. Therefore, your first payment will be the pro rata amount plus the cost of the first month. You are not locked into a contract but if you would like to cancel your membership, Breakout requires 30 days written notice.

 The hours for using Breakout are between 8am – 6pm; Monday to Friday.

 You agree to comply with our Emergency procedures while on site at Breakout. These can be clearly viewed within the Breakout Coworking office.

 Please get the appropriate insurance for your personal items as they are not covered under the Breakout insurance policy. Make sure you keep all your personal belongings with you and anything of great importance either leave at home or keep with you at all times. If needed on occasion, an item can be left with a host if you need to step out for a short while, but you do so at your own risk.

 The space can and is used by many people at the one time, please keep your space neat and tidy and keep the noise to a minimum as to not disrupt anyone’s else’s experience. Except if everyone is working together on something and collaborating, keep the creative juices flowing and enjoy the space.

 Breakout has the potential to support and accelerate innovative start-up businesses through introductions, networking and mentorships. One of the key aspects of coworking at Breakout is to support young people with ideas. As part of your membership you will be asked to provide mentoring to young people aligned with your skills. This could be a short workshop, a one-on-one mentor session or simply looking over a business plan. Research has shown that coworking spaces with a consistent theme work best and ours here is supporting young rural entrepreneurs.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Breakout community, we look forward to collaborating with you and for you to enjoy this wonderful space.